New Poem: My Consolation

This is a really new poem for me. I have been getting tons of praise for it but I’m personally not too certain it gives off the right vibe. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

It is with this, I can give to you, my utmost consolation.

I cannot conceive, a way to reprimand, your largest of frustration.

It is a duty of mine, to ease the pain, calm the nerve.

But all I have, this love of mine, seems not to serve.

It is the ultimate purpose, fixing it all, mending the tears.

That final moment, the final reparation, it nears.

Please understand, let this be, my resolving message.

I cannot be your doctor, but still, let this be your bandage.

Woman of My Dream

I made this about a special someone. They probably don’t even know who they are. This is a 3-in-1 poem. Read it as it is, then the unindented lines, then the indented lines.


Those gorgeous green eyes,

You stop me dead in my tracks; fill me with love and happiness.

A soft hand to hold,

For moments shared and held dear.

The tenderness of heart,

To make me smile in the darkest of hours.


Charisma of an angel.

Making you the perfect one to call: My Love.

Old Poem: Day and Night

I made this poem right around the same time as Lies. I did another version of this later on that I will post if I can find.


You bring your heart into the night expecting the sun,

But when the sun doth come your heart hides for it is unsure of the new light;

Light of the darkness is what you have gotten but pure light is what you seek.

Go again, into the world and let your heart pour out for both

Day and night

Old Poem: Lies

I made this poem way back in 7th grade so it has its issues, but some people have expressed their interest in it.


How am I to believe,

When all these years,

You have deceived,

My family and peers.

All these lies,

And those innocent eyes.

It’s all false,

Like the word cralse,

Which you said was true,

And those eyes still pearl blue.

I can’t believe I liked,

You the deceiver when I biked,

All the way to your house

Good thing I’m not your spouse.

But why’d you go so far,

To kill my father with your car?

That’s it you’re done, you’re in jail now.

All I have to ask is how,

How did you lie to me?

Because as I could see,

You liked me too,

Yet now, I still think of you