New Semester

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here but I decided that it was necessary. Now that I’m going into the fall 2015 semester I am seriously considering dropping my 5th class and trying to take a somewhat easy semester. The class is Computer Algorithms. I was using it mainly for my math minor but also because I was partially interested. But now, having been in the class it seems like a lot of work and too much math to actually be relevant to what I will be doing as an engineer.

Either way, I also have been tossing around the idea of graduating early and doing a 6 month stint somewhere, maybe even back at IBM. Then probably grad school somewhere, we shall see. I’ll also be posting about my experience at IBM.

Having typed this short post, getting rid of that one class would give me more time to work on my personal projects (such as this blog and the main website) as well as professional projects (like my web software pieces). It would also open up more time for my senior design. The only thing would be, what do I then use for my math minor? I guess we shall see in the coming days.

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