This Semester

So far this semester has been going pretty well for me. Grades-wise that is. This is how my first round of midterms has gone:

  1. Advanced Digital Design – 97.5
  2. Visual Design – 97
  3. Computer Networks – 92.5
  4. Signal Processing – 91
  5. Microelectronics – 89
  6. Programming – ??

I have ?? in place of the grade for my programming class because the teacher, for the past 3 weeks, has been “meaning” to make the midterm and give it to us. I’m not sure that will ever even happen. As it stands, there is only one grade in that class, a simple homework assignment on which I received a perfect score. I don’t think I can even, in good conscious, call it a class. The students, and myself, have not really learned anything new from him, he just keeps repeating himself about things we learned in previous classes.

It has honestly been pretty stressful with the workload supplied by my professors. It doesn’t help that I go above and beyond on not only the projects in my required classes but also by taking extra classes. However I have found solace in the fact that I get to play volleyball 3 times a week, although I do wish I played much more often than that. I also only get to play table tennis once a week which barely keeps me in practice to play properly since getting my new paddle.

To me, it seems I don’t get the amount of time I want to just sit back and relax and do nothing. The only time I get to even watch netflix is when I quickly grab dinner to-go with my roommate. Not that I should be just lazing around all the time, but I already spend a good chunk of my free time doing solo projects in order to boost my abilities and my resume because that’s something employers like to see.

All in all, the semester is going well for me academically, I just need to find a new way to destress.

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