Old Poem: Lies

I made this poem way back in 7th grade so it has its issues, but some people have expressed their interest in it.


How am I to believe,

When all these years,

You have deceived,

My family and peers.

All these lies,

And those innocent eyes.

It’s all false,

Like the word cralse,

Which you said was true,

And those eyes still pearl blue.

I can’t believe I liked,

You the deceiver when I biked,

All the way to your house

Good thing I’m not your spouse.

But why’d you go so far,

To kill my father with your car?

That’s it you’re done, you’re in jail now.

All I have to ask is how,

How did you lie to me?

Because as I could see,

You liked me too,

Yet now, I still think of you

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