New Project Page

So as a quick update for the site, I fixed a lot of the icons to use newer svg versions, and updated some other behind the scenes things. The biggest change was the project page. Instead of trying to manually populate it by hand I’m having it generate the data from a preset set of ... Read more

Site Upgrades

The site will be undergoing some maintenance soon as I have finally decided to update it and make it more useful with more information. There will also be an online version of my resume with more information. The projects section will see a complete overhaul with more projects added in. The writing and music sections ... Read more

WordPress Link

Quick update, I was able to grab any post in the “Site News” category and have it automatically posted on the front page of ZackRauen.com. Awesome right? Yeah I agree. Anyways, the site should keep progressing along smoothly! Also the blog itself did not have a link back to the main site, so that should ... Read more

New Stuff

Hey All, The site should be going through some major changes here soon. Hopefully within the next couple of months. The IA on the main page has been updated and all I need to do now is to implement everything that I had planned.